Montpellier, France based progressive’n’tech maestro YOHMSS unveils his brand-new single ‘Puma’ on Abstract Space Records, featuring an ecstatic radio and original version. YOHMSS have been a regular on the label and he infuses his pure progressive feelings in his tracks. He also founded the Apoxis Music label along with which he keeps on evolving his music style. Glad to have him back on roster.
‘Puma’ showcases an energetic drumcode, classic percussion loops flowing flawlessly with deep bassline alongside bass stabs to make the air go even darker. The break ensures to let you lose yourself in the underground club which forms an abyss where pads and intricate patterns really shine setting en route for the ultimate climax. A must-have for your underground set and not to be missed!

More info: www.abstract-space.net